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Personal assistant

With a close and dedicated approach, Hug offers customized solutions to help with day-to-day tasks. Whether you need to fill out a document, assemble furniture, or mow the lawn, our Personal Assistant is ready to help. In this regard, you can count on someone who will always be ready to help you, from a trivial request to a really important need.

Here are some of the examples in which you can request our support.

Personal assistant

Financial manager

IRS, pension review, invoice reading, etc.

Personal manager

Birthday reminders, gift purchases, restaurant recommendations, and reservations, among others,

Travel manager

Booking flights, hotels, tours, restaurants,, and/or tour guides

There are also other types of support that we will be willing to provide so that your life becomes simpler and so that you can enjoy it without worries.

Other services


As Gardening is an activity that requires time, we can take care of your garden. It can be held on a one-off basis or throughout the year.

Domestic services

House clean and tidy, clothes ironed, and food ready!

DIY, carpenter, electrician, plumber

Home maintenance doesn't have to be a headache. We send certified professionals to take care of these small tasks for you.


We offer hairdressing and manicure services in your home.

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