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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

To life.
To the joy of the “grace of life” that was bestowed upon us.
To the beauty of each individual’s path.
To dignity until the end of this journey here…

We believe we can do things differently.

We believe in the “will” to live joyfully, actively, and with a daily purpose, with complete indifference to the age dictated by the calendar.

We believe it is never too late to dream, plan, and achieve what our hearts desire… and we will pursue it.

We believe in the wonder of “having” someone who helps us remember who we are, who opens our eyes and lends a hand when we can’t stand on our own.

We believe we want to grow old in the place where we have lived most of our lives, in our home… in our neighborhood. We know that these are the main references of our life… our scents… our sounds… our neighbors… our gardens… going to buy bread… those unique things that make us want to carry on…

We believe that heart to heart, smiles return.

We believe in social interaction and participation, not in isolation.

We believe in constant intellectual stimulation, not in settling for inertia.

We believe in emotional and affectionate care… those so-called hugs, not just in “basic care” to ensure we smell good.

We passionately and with all our love and dedication believe that together… here at HUG… we will add years to your life. To our lives. To life.

This is a project from the heart, one that comes from within.
One of those that appears with the clarity of a “calling.”
It was impossible for me to ignore… but to ACT!
It’s a hug to aging. One of those really tight hugs.


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