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Who we are

Our mission

Hug Group was born from the desire to embrace and welcome aging as a natural transformation process.

Our mission is to create an integrated care network that offers, throughout the aging process, the support, fulfillment, confidence, and independence people seek at this age.

Hug Group aims to enhance the quality of life for the 65+ generation by providing an extensive follow-up program that offers a diverse range of services, specialized skills, and a strong commitment to professionalism and precision in all endeavors. The core focus is to foster aging at home and promote independence while ensuring the highest standards of care.

Because there’s nothing like home.

Sara do Ó

Sara do Ó

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

To life.

To the joy of the “grace of life” that was bestowed upon us.

To the beauty of each individual’s path.

To dignity until the end of this journey here…

We believe we can do things differently.

We believe in the “will” to live joyfully, actively, and with a daily purpose, with complete indifference to the age dictated by the calendar.

Our values

The Hug group’s culture and values serve as the benchmark for the conduct of all our employees, reflecting how we approach and handle our daily operations.


Respect for Dignity

Human development









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